Sea Kayak Training And Awards


Sea Kayak Training & Awards

As a British Canoeing Paddle Sport Awards training provider we run the Paddle Safer, Discover, Explorer, Sea Kayak and Paddlesurf Personal Performance Awards. These accredited Awards will help you develop your decision making regarding planning a kayak session or journey, what equipment to use and the practical skills needed at various levels to have a safe and fun time on the water.

At Sea Kayaking Donegal to ensure safety and reassurance we offer dedicated long term sea kayaking training to our groups. With help and guidance our groups of like minded people are able to plan and implement their own sea kayak journeys using the knowledge and skills they have built up on their training days.

For training we use different venues and locations in Donegal. Paddling on various types of water from sheltered conditions to begin with to more testing conditions and handling the sea kayaks in more choppy waters as we progress. The training we offer is based on the British Canoeing Sea Kayak Award. The long term sea kayaking training sessions cover a mixture of building confidence in our kayaking ability, planning journeys, weather, tides, safety and rescue techniques as well as boat handling skills concentrating mostly as part of a short journey. All equipment needed for the training can be supplied including sea kayaks, buoyancy aids, wetsuits and helmets.

We are also registered with Canoeing Ireland to operate guided sea kayaking tours. Please watch this space, contact us or follow our facebook page for details for our next available BC kayak award course. More info regarding the BC Kayak Awards can be found at Gopaddling

We are presently running our winter swimming pool course from January to mid March 2023. We will be starting a new sea kayak training group for April 2023 so please get in touch if you are interested in becoming a Donegal sea kayaker!

Building confidence in more choppy conditions on a sea kayak training day.

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