How do I book?

Please leave your relevant details- (date, no. of participants, kayaking experience and a contact tel. no) by email or go to our ‘Contact Page’. We will check our availability and get back to you by email. We may also require a deposit for a tour.

What should I bring along for a sea kayak tour?

Please bring along a towel and swimwear/shorts to wear under a wetsuit. Also please bring along food, snacks and drinks, as we always look to stop off at a suitable landing spot during the tour. All equipment needed for the tour is provided including wetsuits, shoes, buoyancy aids and helmets.

Do I need any kayaking experience or to be able to swim?

No, you do not need to be able to swim or have sea kayaking experience, although you would need to be water confident and have a good level of fitness to take part in a sea kayak tour. A buoyancy aid (life jacket) will be provided and participants are at all times accompanied by a sea kayak tour guide.

Are there set venues and start times for the sea kayak tours?

No, sea kayak tour venues and start times are run in accordance with the prevailing weather and sea conditions for the date of the booking. Venues and start times are therefore at the discretion of the kayak tour guide.

What type of kayaks are used for the sea kayak tours?

We use single 15ft sit-inside sea touring kayaks using spry decks to cover the cockpit of the kayak. We do not use sit-on-top kayaks.

Do you hire or rent out sea kayaks and equipment?

No, all our sea kayaks and equipment is in use for our sit-in sea kayak tours and training sessions.

Can children come along on a sea kayak tour?

We recommend children/teens 14 years and over as the sea kayak tours can be physically demanding with lots of paddling and can sometimes venture to remote parts of the coastline, therefore tours are not suitable for children under 14 years old.

Cancellation Policy.

Any cancellations by participants must be notified to us by email within a reasonable time before the tour date and a refund will be provided. Late withdrawals (5 days within the booking date) or ‘No Shows’ will result in the full deposit amount fortified. If we cancel a sea kayak tour due to poor or bad weather/sea conditions for safety reasons a full refund of the deposit will be provided. Sea Kayaking Donegal reserve the right to cancel sea kayak tours due to mitigating weather conditions or running factors that may affect the safety of our clients or staff.


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