Guided Sea Kayak Tours

All our sea kayak tours are run according to the guidelines and group ratios set out by the Sports Governing Body in Ireland ( Canoeing Ireland ). Tours are run to various locations and small group sizes of up to a max. 6 people to ensure clients have a safe experience to the remote places we visit along the Donegal coastline and islands, and to minimize the impact and sustainability on the marine environment.

For the sea kayak tours we use 15ft sit inside touring sea kayaks using spry decks the tours can be physically challenging and a good level of fitness and water confidence is needed to take part as the distances covered and sea conditions can be challenging. Motion sickness can be a problem regarding the sea kayak tours as some tours have been shortened or brought to a halt due to motion sickness and poor fitness levels as these full day sea kayak trips can encounter some bumpy seas. The sea kayak tour can run anywhere along the Donegal seaboard (between Slieve League and Horn Head) and chosen venues are planned to best suit the prevailing sea and weather conditions.

All sea kayak tours are weather dependent. We try not to cancel tours except in the event of bad weather conditions or exceptional circumstances. We operate one sea kayak tour per day. Locations and start times for a sea kayak tour are varied and do not operate to a set venue or start time. This is due to the ever changing prevailing weather/sea conditions of the Atlantic ocean (wind, tide and Atlantic swell).

Sea kayak tours are only suitable for adults and older teens (14 years and over). The maximum sea kayak paddler weight limit is 95kg. Prices for the sea kayaking tours are €80 per person. Duration of our full day sea kayak tour is 4/5 hours. Sea Kayaking Donegal cannot take any responsibility for people’s personal equipment eg. glasses, phones, cameras etc. that may be brought along on a tour.  

To book a guided sea kayaking tour please leave your details including (number of participants and tel. number) and if you/your group has any previous sit-in /sit on kayaking experience on the contacts page on this website or by emailing Advance booking is essential. 



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