Cute Kittens Go Kayaking

We want to say thank you to all the people who have come along on our sea kayak tours over the last few years since we changed into Sea Kayaking Donegal. We wanted to concentrate more time to our full day tours and kayak training. We have meet some cute kayakers over this time and as you can see from the video paddled to some of the best sea kayak destinations along the Donegal coastline and Islands. This footage highlights some of our favorite Donegal terrain from towering cliffs, sea caves, sea arches, rocky coves and of course some of the best coastal waterfalls along the way!

If you ever get the notion to become a sea kayaker and get the chance to visit some of these cool locations drop us a line to James at

Music: Cute Kittens Lick Cream by Gyoa Valtysdottir.

Cute Kittens go Kayaking

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