Summer Visitors

Razorbills Hornhead

I managed to sneak over to one of our main Donegal headlands just as lock down was coming to an end.  I was pleasantly surprised to see so many summer visitors who have flocked to our shores and have taken up residence along the cliffs for the summer. Thousands of sea birds.

It’s hard to remember seeing such big numbers of nesting birds along the cliffs so it just might be a bumper year for them. The main type of sea birds nesting at this site are Northan Fulmar, common Guillemonts, Shag’s, Cormorants,  hundreds of Razorbills and the odd stray Puffin.

DSC_4654 (2)DSC_4717 (2)DSC_4728 (2)


Luckily I did manage to get some snaps with the long lens from the sea kayak but not along the main cliffs as they were to exposed to the wind and it was impossible to keep position or stay upright holding the camera for long. The GoPro footage below gives a better idea of the number of birds flying about the place. I hope to get back out there  again a few more times before the summer is out to see and experience this amazing spectral again.


2 Comments on “Summer Visitors

  1. I follow you on Facebook love were you take trips, seen Knockalla which I would be interested in.
    I usually kayak in a lake haven’t done sea, do you bring your own kayak?
    I live just out side Bundoran.
    Thanks Rita


    • Hi Rita. At the moment we have a fleet of Dagger Stratos touring sit in sea kayaks that we use for our sea kayak training and our full day sea kayak tours and we can provide all equipment needed for people coming along with us. If you are ever interested in coming along please drop me a email James.


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