First blog post

Unseen Donegal


Think you have seen all the best bits of Donegal, have you visited the top 10 best places in the county all the hidden gems the secret spots that the tourist media and all the Instagram and Facebook pages keep telling us about.

I dont think so.

I have been exploring the Donegal coastline for nearly 20 years by land and sea, There are still places out there that have only been seen by a handful of people, places that even have yet to appear in photographs.

How come we don’t see them. Well thats mainly due to them being in some cases fairly remote, hard to get to, poor access ( big cliffs and stuff ) and the weather plays a big part in being able to get to them.

I still think it’s worth having a look at them even if you are never able to get to them yourself.


Remote lunch spot along Slieve League.